Manure Spreading

Tractor_and_spreader  Tractor_and_rotary_manure_spreader-ESpreading_manureIf you have no way to apply it to your fields, we can help you in one of 2 ways.

First, we can use our equipment to spread your manure for you.  The manure spreader we use, the Rotary Manure Spreader, chops the manure into fine particles and applies them evenly to your field in a 5-ft-wide swatch each pass.  We also have a larger spreader, the traditional, Mill Creek (Model 75) spreader if you have very old or wet manure that you want spread.

Rotary Manure Spreader

Second, if you want the convenience of spreading your own manure as you produce it, we highly recommend the Rotary Manure Spreader.  Rotary Manure Spreader is the most ecologically smart, easy to use, and mechanically simple (no parts to break!) manure spreader in the world.

The Rotary Manure Spreader shreds the manure into small pieces that dry out and incorporate faster into the soil returning nutrients, enzymes, and microbial organisms to the soil within days. Pictured above is a typical spread laid out by the Rotary.



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