Manure Removal


For our manure removal customers, we now offer two types of service.

Unloading tractor 7Apr10Tractor loaded-horsesFirst the traditional service where we bring our tractor with a front end loader and our dump truck.  We use the front end loader to load your manure into the bin and remove it.  If you have a tractor with a front end loader that we can use, let us know! We offer a discount if we don’t have to haul our equipment to your Loading BinTruck_bin with tractorsite. We are very respectful of your property and take great care to clean up your manure pile area.


1-AMR_truck_with_bin_B2-AMR_offloading_bin_B 3-Bin_offloaded_C 4-Bin_cleaned_ready_to_go_BWe also offer a manure bin (dumpster) service.  For our customers caring for 5 to 9 horses (depending on how you muck your stalls), we offer a 16-cubic-yard, roll-off bin.  We deliver the bin to your farm and you fill it up at your convenience.  Once a month (or more often if needed) we’ll replace your full bin with a clean and empty one.

 These bins provide you with an environmentally friendly place to store your manure.

If you have a facility with 9+ horses being stalled, give us a call. We can help you design a budget-friendly solution to meet your barnyard management requirements.


Call us at (703) 400-8446 for cost estimates